CVS Pharmacy Black Friday

CVS Black Friday 2013 Ad

CVS Black Friday 2013 Ad

CVS Pharmacy 2012 Black Friday Ad

I have always been an avid Black Friday shopper, taught at a young age by my mother how to hunt down a deal. And as I have gotten older, I would like to believe that I have taught her some things as well. One of my favorite Black Friday deal stops is at CVS. This may seem a bit unusual for those more accustomed to the lines at big box stores, but this drugstore chain has some enticing offers on Black Friday.

It was about two years ago that I first noticed what great deals CVS offers on the day after Thanksgiving. By combining the sale specials with store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and the reward bucks earned with my CVS card I often come out with free items and more reward bucks to use later. For a true bargain lover like me, a deal like this is the ultimate score.

Typically the items I get that day are not over the top high-priced items, but they are daily necessities that I would purchase anyway. Name brand shampoos, pain relief medicine, and food items like Fiber One brownie bars are simply a few things I have scored for free during past Black Friday sales events.

These lower priced items do not appeal to all shoppers, and that is one of the great things about shopping this deal. CVS keeps their sales going all day as they can hardly compete with door busters on flat screen TVs or diamond jewelry. My personal strategy has been to make this one of my last stops of the day. Sometimes I even go home first and go back out much later to collect my CVS deals. There is no need to rush over, and the drug store often keeps late hours so this can easily fit into the later part of Black Friday when many other stores have cut back on their deals.